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Not much to Report...

Figuring that I need to actually write something of interest, I decided to create an entry for this month.

Of course, I really haven't anything new to report, except that the company to which I was contrancting decided that they liked my work and hired me directly.  So I am no longer on contract, but enjoy all the benefits, priviledges and responsibilities of working directly for my employer!

So far the plan is to make it to the Ranch the last weekend in July - however, that might change due to a few things, not the least of which is that in the switchover in payroll, I am going from a weekly paycheck to bi-weekly, which is throwing the budget into a bit of a mess.  It remains to be seen if it will all shake out by the end of July, or if it needs until middle of August to get cleared up.

I certainly hope I can head up in July - and I just might, even the busget is a little tight. because I want to prepare the place (and try to mostly finish the shed) for an event that I'd like to host up there in August (or September, but August would be better).

So, that's where things sit right now.  I am hoping to find someone, by the end of the year, that can drill a well on the Ranch for a reasonable cost ($14,000 is WAY to much) - or even for cost - or free would be nice.  Barring that, I'd like to cut in the "driveway" to the top of the hill by the end of the season.

The well could wait until next summer, but the drive would be an accomplishment if it could be done this year.