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Good Friday

Good Friday.

On the way into work this morning, I got to thinking about this day.  How on this day, over 2000 years ago, Jesus was nailed to the cross, crucified, in my stead.

Actors have "Stand-ins" for stunts, and such.  We have the best "Stand-in" possible.  Christ Jesus "stood-in" for us, to take our punishment, the wrath of God against us and our sin.

It was my sins that held him to that cross.  And He chose to do so.  Voluntarily.  Willingly.


He could have called down a legion (or more) of angels to defend Himself in the garden, but chose not to.  Chose to suffer the torture of a Roman beating, and the horrible death of crucifixion.

How then can I not be greatful?  And yet, sometimes I am such an ingrate.

How then can I not be loving toward others?  And yet, I struggle with it towards some.

The real question then, is, how can I be more like Christ and less like me?