Yes, indeed.  There has been work going on at The Lodge this summer!

I've been up there three times this summer, but the work actually began early this month. 

I went up and put a bunch of siding boards on the "back" of the shed, and installed the window there.  I was planning on doing more than this, but after working all day that one day, I just didn't have it in me to actually do much more the rest of the weekend.  Some of that is because I am so out of shape that working at that altitude wears me out.  And some of it was because there wasn't anyone with me to "egg me on", if you will.  No one to help hand me boards, or make meals while I kept working - or to keep working while *I* made meals. etc...

So, while I accomplished a lot - I could have accomplished much more.

The next trip up to work, I actually did more siding on the front, and installed the window and the door on that wall.  Made a mistake with the window, but oh well.  It works, and that is all that matters.

In the course of thinking about the roof issue while I was up there, I believe I've made the decision to remove the OSB that is up there now, and replace it with T&G.  I am doing this for a couple reasons.  1. To have more stability and strength in the roof sheathing, and less chance of failure (because the OSB currently installed is already failing because of exposure to the weather).  I can put the T&G on, and put the roof felt on as I go, as well.  2. I can straighten and align the rafters more accurately, and make certain that the entire roof is covered, so that the building is actually enclosed.

Putting the steel on the roof won't change much, other than it should be a bit safer since the sheathing won't be failing due to the wear of the weather.

The plan now is to simply get up there, put the rest of the "siding" on up to the top of the walls.  Install stairs going into the shed from outside. Install a ladder of some kind up to the loft.

most likely the trip after that will entail putting sheathing on the gable ends, and putting the siding over that (also installing the one window that goes in up there.

Then on a third trip, removing the old OSB and at least beginning the T&G installation.  If I can, I'd like to a) get some help for this part, and/or b) take a couple days where I can work remotely and work on the T&G installation in the evenings.

Finally, a trip to get the steel roofing installed and we are basically finished, except for a few minor details inside the shed.

While all this is going on, I hope to get the road/drive graded/cut in to the building site at the top, the foundation hole dug, and the foundation formed and poured.

I am hoping to have all this completed by my birthday.  Or when the first good snow happens, which ever is first.  I think there is plenty of time to accomplish this, so let's "git 'er done!"