Over the next two weekends, and the week in between, there will be good progress up at the ranch!

I am headed up in a couple hours and the plan is to:

  1. Mark where the drive goes to the building site at the top (this will be the "road" called "Where")
  2. Mark the cabin site at the top.
  3. Stairs into the shed.
  4. Finish siding the shed
  5. Put sheathing on the gable ends of the shed
  6. Put the window in the one end
  7. Put siding on the gable ends of the shed.
  8. Knock off the old rotten OSB that is on the roof currently

Stretch goals are:

  1. Begin or complete the T&G on the roof of the shed
  2. Roofing paper on the roof of the shed.

Yeah, that's a LOT of work to get done.  Of course, having marked where the road goes, and the cabin, then the excavator guy can come and actually do that work!  I may have to cut some trees down where the road is going to go, but I have the chain saw with me.

In fact, if I simply get the road in, the hole dug, and the siding on, I'll be pleased with the progress.  But if I don't set the bar high enough, I'll get lazy and not even make it that far!

Of course, this means that I will be working from up there.  I don't know what I am going to do about showering. I don't have my black shower/washer canister yet, so I may have to actually build/buy another one. Sigh.

Then, on the weekend after all that, I will need to rent a uHaul and go get all my "Stuff" - at least that's the plan for now - we'll see if I can arrange help.