It seems to be the rallying cry of the supporters of President-elect Donald Trump.

And while I do believe that "draining the swamp" that is the District of Columbia, I have to admit, I did not vote for the man.  I didn't vote for either candidate.  In fact, in what was for me a most historic event, I did not vote at all.  Had I voted, I would have had to put my "X" next to the name of Mr Trump, but it would have been more a vote against Mrs Clinton, rather than a vote for Mr Trump.

Don't get me wrong, I happen to agree with SOME of his proposals.  And in reality, he is the most non-establishment candidate we've had in years.  However, in the year or so of campaigning, I just could not get a feel for what the man truly stood for.  Yes, he is at the forefront of a populist movement - but populist movements are not always a good thing!

Now before all the Trump supporters get your panties in a twist, let me say that, unlike the left, he *is* my President.  And like the one preceeding him, I will honor and respect the office of the President.  And unlike the one preceeding him, I will regard him, personally, with respect - especially with what he has accomplished in his life prior to this election.  And it has raised my respect for him because he has, before taking office, kept at least one promise made on the campaign trail - a deal has been struck apparently to keep certain jobs here in the US!

There are other things but this is a big, huge, thing!

Should he stay the course, and attempt to do the things he said he wanted to do before the election (and I say attempt because he will not have king-like power to do whatever he pleases), I will gladly cast my ballot *for* him in 4 years.

So, Mr. President-elect, my advice to you is, don't mind the alligators, and remember why you're standing in the swamp.