So where is the project of the cabin at the ranch?  How is it going?

As was noted ealier on this site, the project has finally broken ground.  Unfortunately, the truck needing a new transmission curtailed any further work at the site until the spring.

That doesn't mean, however, that nothing is happening.  The saving of funds for the purchase of materials to build with and the payment of labor to help is proceeding apace!  Yes, fancy words to simply say, I am saving up for the various expenses that will happen over the course of building this place.  And it is proceeding according to plan.

Could it go faster? Sure, but then I would simply be a hermit of a man, living - or rather simply existing - in my trailer here and only working without partaking of any enjoyable activities!  What a dull boy I would be then!

No, I am doing a few things that provide me with entertainment through the winter, while at the same time storing up for the coming summer.

As soon as the snow is out at the property, I will be heading "over the hill" to enjoy some laborious work of pouring the footings and building the stem walls.  Along with saving up for the materials for this part of the project, I am also trying to iron out the logistics of moving all that material up to the building site.  I do have a couple ideas, but nothing solid yet.

Anyway, that's the update for now!