17 years ago today, at approximately 5:30 local time, I was laid out on the highway between Bainbridge Island and Poulsbo.  My arm was broken at right at the shoulder and my tibia was shattered into tiny pieces of bone.

I had been minding my own business, coming up a hill at 50 mph in a 55 mph zone, when someone turned left in front of me.  A couple seconds later and he would have turned left on top of me.

I spent 20 days in intensive care and 8 days in a "Skilled Nursing Facility" and three+ months in a wheelchair before I was cleared to put weight on the leg and learn to walk again.

Every year that has passed, I pause on this day and remember.  This year the remembrence is pushed on me a bit because my shoulder/arm is acting up.  I have not gone to the doctor about it because it has happened in the past and after a week or so it has recovered.  This time, I am contemplating going to the Dr. just to see what the heck is going on in there because my ROM (Range of Motion) has decreases significantly in just a couple days.  It is almost as if some muscle or tendon is getting caught on one of the screws that remains in my arm.

The last couple days have been terrible - lack of good sleep, etc... but while this morning started out like that, I think things are "on the mend" because as I sit here and type, it is beginning to feel better.  Moving it around isn't as painful.  However, the extreme ends of my ROM are still limited more than they were, say, 2 weeks ago.

Well, we shall see.

My biggest concern in all of this is how this will impact the construction of the cabin this summer.  Part of what I am learning though all that has gone on the last year is that life is way too short.  And we should not wait to do the things we want to do.