Oh my! Global warming!

I awoke this morning to a chilly trailer.  I recalled the heater running around 7:45 just before I fell back to sleep and I was thinking it sure smells like something is burning and my feet, under the blankets were nice and toasty warm, and feeling like they were getting warmer... but I didn't see or hear any evidence of the trailer burning, so fell back to sleep...

Got up again about 8:30 and decided it was time to start the day, check in with work, and have coffee, so I climbed out of bed and turn on the coffee maker, did my usual morning routine, and then decided it was COLD in the trailer.  I checked the temp and it said 57 degrees.

"Hmm, that's not right. Must be out of propane.  Again."  yes, again.

It seems to me that for the last 4 weeks or so, I've been having to fill propane about every 6-8 days.  In my defense, I only have the 4.5 gallon bottles, but still ... it's puts a bit of a crimp in my routine and my budget to have to constantly run to the store to fill it.  And yes, I have an extra bottle.  I just don't like to leave one empty for very long so I fill it as soon as I can after it's emptied out.

Thinking about this, got me curious.  I had been saying that this was an unusual winter this year. That it was the coldest that I could recall since moving up here from San Diego.  So I went hunting weather data.

On the MESOWEST site, you can get 2 weeks of weather data at a time.  It's a bit of a PITA but it let me check the January numbers, and so for this year, from January 3 to today, there have been 13 out of 14 days that had two or more hours at freezing or below, and only two days that saw two or more hours above 40 degrees (All temps are in degrees F).

Last year?  Only 7 days with two or more hours below freezing, and 12 days with two or more hours at 40 or above.

And in the previous two years it is even fewer days below freezing and more days above 40 ... and even some above 50!

So, for at least the last 4 years or so, it appears I am correct.  This is an unusually cold winter.

So much global warming.