Yes, I have been lax in writing for about 6 months.

But here I am, hopefully this time i will be able to write a bit more reliably.  So let's get started!

At the end of last summer (2016), I had a road/drive cut in to the building site on the property and a hole dug for the foundation.  The plan was that I was going to accumulate the materials and tools needed to build the place this summer.

Due to other circumstances that did not happen... but I have at this time about half the cash required to complete the build and will spend the winter accumulating the rest that is needed, as well as spending some of it acquiring the tools needed.

To that point, I have already begun this acqumulation.  I have purchased a used quad, and a new trailer to carry it.  More on this a bit farther on.  I also managed to find a rotary level to make sure the floor of the foundation hole is level - and most importantly, to ensure that the footer bottoms are level to ensure the levelness and strength of the footers.

What is still needed is a Mill, a planer, and perhaps a backup chainsaw.  I might also get another quad - that one is still up in the air.  I'd like to also get a drone with a camera, but that is a secondary consideration.  I hope to video and publish the progress and my thoughts as this proceeds.  Motivation to get up there and providing 15 or 20 minutes a week or so to the "fans" would help, I think.

Now, as for the current quad and trailer....

I am still hoping to get up there this fall and scout out another way up to teh building site.  If I can find a different way up that isn't as steep, it would be a good thing because it would make it easier to get the supplies up to the top. Especially the Concrete and the CMU's.  Currently, it looks like I will make many trips using the quad to haul the stuff up, but if I can haul the stuff up an alternate way, using the truck and a loaded trailer, that would allow me to make fewer trips.

Anyway, that's the plan and I do hope to update here at least once a week or so, as things progress - yes, even through the winter.  There will be planning for the next steps as the winter progresses