So here we are, 1 day away from my birthday.

Things I have been trying to accomplish is drag myself out of the doldrums.  Somewhat successfully so far this week.

I went to see the Opera last weekend, and it was great.  The weekend itself could have been better, but the Opera was absolutely grand.  I was well entertained.

Since the last entry, I have been busy.  Mostly with work, but planning and thinking on the project of the cabin.  I have managed to get the savings engines running reasonably smoothly.  I have the funds for the mill.  But I haven't purchased it because I'm stubborn and am waiting for it to go on sale.  I have purchased the trailer, the planer, and a couple other items needed for the project.

All of the funds are there for the building of the footer, and a part of the funds for the stem wall are in the bank. The rest will be there shortly, and it will only be a few months before the savings for the roof materials will be completed.

And this includes the first step in putting aside an emergency fund.

I have also thought about the longevity of my vehicle.  It will need to be replaced at sometime in the not-to-distant future.  A year? Maybe two?  Unless I "semi-retire" it.  I would like to explore the possibility of purchasing a used Jeep (the standard, Jeep that we all call a jeep - not a cherokee but what used to be a CJ -whatever it's called these days).  If I can find one that I like, with low enough milage, I can make it be my daily driver for most trips - especially in the winter.  In the summer, I can ride the motorcycle (which has a plan to be paid off)

So the goal is to be "retire-able" by my 66th birthday.  That's 4 years from now.  I do believe I can do that.

Getting the cabin finished is part 1 of the plan.  Part 2 - that will run concurrently with part 1 and really will never stop - is to figure out additional income streams.  And part 3 that will begin almost immediately after Part 1 is building the second cabin (also the barn/shop)

Eventually, there will be 3 cabins, and one large home.  that is the goal.  Ambitious? Certainly. But if I accomplish simply buildng the three cabins, retirement will be workable.

That's the report from here for now!