Today is Sunday, the 21st. I am sitting here having my morning coffee and wishing that I could be up at the ranch, working on the cabin. Unfortunately, the weather up there is such that unless I had a snowmobile I wouldn't be able to get to the ranch.

Maybe next winter.

Well, if all goes well I may be living up there next winter. It will depend on a number of things - if I get the cabin dried in, what my employment is (if they allow me to work nearly 100% remote). Those are the two really BIG conditions.

I have been trying to decide if I should put a loft in the cabin, but I've come to the conclusion that I can build the cabin, and with very small changes that will actually give more strength to it, prepare it for the possibility of a loft at a later time, should I want it to have a loft.

In the plan for the ranch is documenting the build through a series of videos. Stay tuned for that. I am trying to think about how I might actually begin the channel now, rather than waiting until I can actually get to the ranch and begin the process. I'd like to do so in the hopes that I can demonstrate somehow all the planning and thinking that has gone into it. Thinking over the last 10 years (and more!) that have provided certain solutions to some of the obsticles that popped up.

These wouldn't be videos that were very demonstrative, but would explain where things started from, and how I've arrived at this point.

I would publish them on Patreon and hopefully get some supporters (yes, I'd like to make a few bucks from this to help defray the costs). Not all would be Patreon only content. But certain special features might be.

There are many, many plans that I want to implement, some for generating income, and some just because I want to.

And I want to go fishing and hunting this year.