So here it is, mid-July. And I haven't been up to the property yet.

A friend and I were going to head up there this weekend but their work life intruded into the plans. Actually we were going to go up two weeks ago, and I had some sort of panic attack and rescheduled it for this weekend. But as they say, the best laid plans of mice and men.

So it's been rescheduled for another 2 weeks. Last weekend of July.

To this end, the plans for what work gets done up there has been changed a bit. What will happen is the shed rafters will get fixed - I think there's only a couple that need fixing as they've twisted and won't allow a complete coverage of the roof. Then the plan has changed in that all the OSB that was the "sub-roofing" will be removed and battens - or purlins - will be set across the rafters. And on top of that metal roofing.

I've decided to go this direction because, after all, it's a shed. Granted, one that could be lived in, but it's still a shed. And if I want to finish off the loft, I can put insulation between the rafters and close it up with T&G or bead board or something like that. At that point the gable ends can be finished - and I have most of the material for that. Finally, it will be simply putting up T111 or something like that as the siding on the outside. All that will probably cost less than $2000. And then it will be finished, and livable.

I think that might take 4 or 5 weekends, tops.

Then I still am hoping to pour the footer for a cabin, either up at the original site, or at one of the secondary sites. I am leaning towards a secondary site because I can do that with "post and pier" using sonotube style footers, and won't have to haul concrete up nearly at far, giving me time to fix the road up to the top, or get a decent quad to haul the concrete up to the top and build it next summer or the one after that.

I am also hoping to have video of this process so stay tuned and we'll see how that goes.