The beginning of another week ... or the end of the previous one, depending on how you look at it.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to cover a number of things in these posts, all in preparation for when I begin to create videos for the blog. This will include creating sections on each entry that will contain various subjects. And the first one is:


The history section will help the reader (and myself) understand how and why I have arrived at this point. So, let's get started!

Many years ago (yeah, way more than I care to admit to ... like when I was 7 years old) my family would go to north western Wisconsin for vacations every summer. Two weeks of peace and fishing and water skiing, swimming and exploring. Just absolute freedom to be a kid. Essentially the only rules were to have fun, and be there for dinner (because mom was NOT going to cook more than one meal for you each day).

Dad would get us up at o-dark-thirty (or what seemed like it) and we would go out to the aluminium boat that was provided with the cabin, push off from the beach and he would start the outboard motor, and off we would go... across the lake. That lake that in the chill of the morning seems as if it were steaming with whisps of vapors coming off the water. Sometimes we would try to talk over the noise of the motor, other times we would simply sit quietly with our own thoughts, looking forward to catching fish.

Sometimes, suddenly in the middle of the lake, dad would turn the motor off... and we would sit in the half light of the dawn, as the boat coasted to a stop, and listen to the loons waking up and calling across the water. How hauntingly beautiful that sound is to me.

Now - at this time of life - I am working towards recapturing some of that. Oh how I wish I had known years ago how valuable that is to me. Well, that isn't completely true. I did know that it was valuable to me, but I got to a place where I started to sacrifice it on the alter of "someday". Someday, I will recapture that.

Sadly, it has been said, and I have found that it is true; The road called "Someday" leads to "No place". I've also learned that "Maybe" most of the time means "No". Perhaps not intentionally, but if you say "Maybe", it isn't a commitment. Let your 'yes' be yes and your 'no' be no, as Christ said. To put it in a way of pop culture, "there is do and not do, there is no try" - so said Yoda.

So, at this "late" point in my life, 50+ years after those experiences, I have decided that "Someday" is now. "Someday" is today.

Will it happen immediately? No. But if I can do something every day, or every week to move it forward towards the goal, then someday is today. Then someday will happen.


Part of my plan now is to wake up in the morning. Yes, the plan is to wake up early and get started. Do I do it perfectly? Not yet, but I am doing it with some success. If I fail, I will simply tell myself that I need to do it tomorrow.

But I am getting up, the ONLY thing I do with my cell phone first thing in the morning is unplug it from the charger - and I do that so I won't have to crawl back into bed to do so after I am up! Then I take 5-15 minutes and sit on the edge of the bed and think. Or meditate on something positive. I think about what I want to accomplish today, and git my mind straight and organized.

Then I get off the bed and start the rest of the morning routine - coffee, start a motivational video, bathroom routine, etc...

As the summer draws near, I will be working on making sure that I have the necessary materials, tools, and supplies for going to the ranch to begin construction. And I'll detail that information here as well.

Daily Habits

I plan to work on certain things daily, others weekly, etc... the daily ones are:

  • Gym time. I need to be in the gym either walking or lifting (preferably both) every day
  • Until further notice, I need to be looking for a source of income, be it a business or a job.
  • Finances. I go over my bank balances every day, updating my personal financial info so that I know exactly where I am at any time. It helps me to stay focused on meeting my goals and not overspending
  • Look for things to do as a "side hustle"


In closing then, I want to encourage you all to make a plan, and follow it.

That's all for today.